Season's Greetings from all at GO.


What a year!... I'll say it again, w-h-a-t a y-e-a-r!!!

2005 was one we will all remember. A year of ecstatic elation at winning so many design prizes (the list is longer than what's on my Xmas gift wish list...). Needless to say we are extremely proud to have our work recognized by so many prestigious International Organizations and by extension by world renowned peers that judged these awards.

We are also well aware of the expectations winning such awards convey to all of you that are either users, business partners or suppliers. We now have no choice but to measure-up in every way to the high standards such honours bestow to us. We humbly accept the challenge to live-up to this in 2006 and year's to come.

In the meantime, peace & solace to all of you and your families, and see you in on the other side of 2005.