The Goman replies to the WIRED test results
“ Thank you Steve for your insightlful write-up on GoBike. We're glad you liked the ride. After all, this is what bikes should all be about, first and foremost. I would like to offer a reply to the few items listed in the “Tired” section of your article. First, you state the weight hovering at 30 lbs... Whoa! 28 is more like it, according to our scales. And, if compared to a “regular” bike offering the same specs. like front and rear suspension and front and rear disk brakes, we are at par or not far from reality in the “regular” world. We'll give it to you on the sharp seat-post QR lever. This will be improved in future productions. Re. hash marks on the seat post, we have sampled a few seat posts with a 10 mm increments along the length of it and after receiving several comments from our testers, we decided to drop the idea. Everybody agreed that “The Giant Thermometer look” was a bit goofy looking and contrasted sharply with the minimalistic cosmetics and pure fluid lines of the bike. Furthermore, all agreed that the best way to mark your seat post height was to use a good old permanent marker and draw a line, or a few, if you're sharing the bike (which always happens!). This is far less unsightful and as efficient, I'm sure you'll agree... Happy ramblings! - The Goman. ”
You can find the Wired article and reply from the Goman here.