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> GoSkin
New accessory for 2007. These abrasion resisitant neoprene skins fit snuggly around the forward arms to protect them from scratches when rubbing agains the ground when bike is folded. Contoured fit.
Fits all models.
> GoBike mudguards
Essential accessory for the daily user, these GoBike mudguards are specially designed to adapt to the folding movements. Sold as a pair with all the necessary hardware.
Fits 2006 and over models only. Retrofit kit available for 2005 models. Contact us for more details
> GoBike rear rack
This GoBike rear rack is manufactured of tubular aluminium sections. This design allows the fitting of side panniers as much as rack-top ones. Silver anodized.
Fits 2005 Motion models and over.
> GoTool
This practical GoMan shaped tool is very helpful. It integrates a 8 mm and 10 mm bolts hold, a 5 mm and 6 mm hexagonal heads and also a spoke key. It can easily be use as an everyday key ring. One comes with every bike we sell but they can be purchased seperately.
> GoPump
This high-quality dual-action lightweight bicycle pump can be inserted at the bottom end of the seat post. Comes with the custom thread-on cap and foam ring to prevent rattling inside the post. Presta and Schreader compatible.
Fits 2006 Motion and 2007 X-series models
> GoBike bottle cage
This bottle cage fits perfectly on the GoBike handlebars. It does not interfere in the folding of the bike. Silver anodized aluminium.
Fits all models.
> GoBell
Most bicycle bells stick out like a sore thumb from the handlebar. The GoBell seamlessly integrates to the shifter/brake lever/ grip area making it inconspicuously dissapear from sight. Its lightweight aluminium dome comes in a satin silver anodized finish. Best of all, the GoBell is free and factory installed on every GoBike!
GoBike mudguard
GoBike Motion rear rack
The GoBell was awarded the most prestigious Gold dinstinction by IF Design Hannover in Germany in 2005. Read our Design case study about the GoBell here